Reader Review — Ian Lesa — yes S.M.Y is good for dads too!

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Spilt Milk Yoga’ is an insight­ful read.  It’s heart-warming, fun­ny, brave and thought pro­vok­ing. Hon­est­ly, I don’t prac­tice yoga (of any kind).  But the under­ly­ing prin­ci­ples of the yoga Cathryn writes about not only applies to its dai­ly prac­tice / and moth­er­hood, but to dai­ly life — for any par­ent. It does for me; per­son­al­ly, and as a proud father of two boys: sev­en­teen years and a fourteen-month-old. I tru­ly enjoyed it. The pages in my copy are rid­dled with pink high­light­ed areas (from cover-to-cover) that I found rel­e­vant not just from a Dad front, but for per­son­al growth too.…

Swings and Roundabouts Magazine

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To set the record straight this isn’t your tra­di­tion­al par­ent­ing book. Spilt Milk Yoga is a book to nur­ture and guide moth­ers along this beau­ti­ful, but also some­what con­fus­ing and frus­trat­ing jour­ney by approach­ing moth­er­hood as a path to greater self-knowledge. Each chap­ter is short and sweet to meet the needs of the busy moth­er. With­in each chap­ter the author shares her own hon­est, down to earth and humor­ous par­ent­ing sto­ries, a prac­ti­cal prac­tice applic­a­ble to each expe­ri­ence and a guid­ed self-inquiry for moth­ers to con­tem­plate, respond to, devel­op, and record their prac­tice. Ques­tions asked include: Will moth­er­hood ruin my…

Reader Review

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I am LOVING the book, tru­ly. Not quite fin­ished yet but lov­ing the short chap­ters which work per­fect­ly for the tired nights or quick cof­fee breaks. I espe­cial­ly loved the quote about your child’s behav­iour being a reflec­tion of your own behav­iour — that has stuck with me this past week as my daugh­ter has been test­ing. It’s so easy to get frus­trat­ed and so that quote helps me check in before my reac­tion. I also find I strug­gle with the ques­tion­naires, but in a good way! They make me think, and it will be inter­est­ing to go back in…

Reader Review Renatta Morgan

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Thank you Cathryn My hub­by ( Mark / Mr Uber) just pre­sent­ed me with your book! You have total­ly nailed it … I have been a mum since I was 21 -three teenagers lat­er and I’ve nev­er read any­thing that con­nect­ed the busy and beau­ti­ful strug­gle of moth­er­hood. Feel­ing like you have lost your way on the jour­ney and yet con­tin­u­al­ly evolv­ing to cope with the ever chang­ing sit­u­a­tion. Cry­ing over the spilt expressed milk brought back so many mem­o­ries …all the spilt milk over all the years . I look for­ward to using my book to give me light . Many…

Reader Review — Penny Cooper

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I am lov­ing this book. I love that it gives me per­mis­sion to pick it up and put it down- it’s not anoth­er book dusty on the shelf mock­ing me for nev­er fin­ish­ing it. It calls me and encour­ages me. It chal­lenges me and inspires me. It makes me sigh and realise I’m not alone whilst mak­ing me laugh. I love that it’s writ­ten by a NZ woman and it fits in our cul­ture. I love that it will be with me for a while. My moth­er whose youngest child is in her 40’s just asked ” can you make…

Reader Review Kara-Leah Grant

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I final­ly picked up Cathryn Mon­ro’s book Spilt Milk Yoga last night and start­ed read­ing. It. Is. Awe­some. One of the best yoga books I’ve read all year. And if that’s any­thing to go by… this event will be awe­some too. Moth­ers need this (fathers do to… but for now, we’re focus­ing on moth­ers). It doesn’t mat­ter whether you’ve ever been on a yoga mat before, or whether you just hate yoga pos­tures. This is the yoga of self-inquiry. It’s about self-reflection, con­tem­pla­tion and adopt­ing behav­iours and tools that sup­port you as a par­ent.