Spilt Milk Yoga WORKSHOPS, RETREATS and COURSES bring you togeth­er with oth­er moth­ers in a safe envi­ron­ment to reflect, share and engage with your own jour­ney and the inner work of moth­er­ing. Using con­tem­pla­tive and dynam­ic inter­ac­tive meth­ods Cathryn guides par­tic­i­pants through process­es of reflec­tion and prac­tice, bring­ing to life what you are want­i­ng to cul­ti­vate in your jour­ney through moth­er­hood. Par­tic­i­pants come to under­stand more about why you do what you do, learn to con­nect to your own wis­dom, joy and pur­pose, and to prac­tice in real-life sce­nar­ios what it is like to apply your dis­cov­er­ies. Expect to reen­ter fam­i­ly life with cus­tomized con­crete prac­tices and come away feel­ing empow­ered, pur­pose­ful, and more con­nect­ed to self and oth­ers.

Spilt Milk Yoga INTRODUCTORY TALK is a 1–2 hour inter­ac­tive talk at your school, work­place, com­mu­ni­ty group gath­er­ing, or in your lounge with friends. Cathryn will intro­duce Spilt Milk Yoga and guide the audi­ence through a shared self-inquiry con­ver­sa­tion. Expect to come away feel­ing more con­nect­ed to your com­mu­ni­ty, and with fresh insight into the val­ue of your life as a moth­er.

Spilt Milk Yoga 1:1 Coach­ing Ses­sions with Cathryn are avail­able on request and can be done on skype into your home or in per­son. Enquire below.


What moth­ers are say­ing about Spilt Milk Yoga Work­shops with Cathryn;

If you are a Mama who feels a bit over­whelmed and lost every now again (uum­m­mm… I think that is prob­a­bly all of us), you should check out this work­shop. I have attend­ed 2 work­shops with Cathryn Mon­ro and have walked away from both of them feel­ing lighter and more con­fi­dent in my nat­ur­al intu­ition as a Moth­er. Cathryn has a mag­i­cal way of help­ing you to realise that all of the answers to all of the ques­tions are in you, you just need to slow down and lis­ten.” 

I grew as a moth­er; became more self-aware and with that, more con­fi­dent, proud, accept­ing, calm and ground­ed. The work was invalu­able for myself as an indi­vid­ual but also in my place in our fam­i­ly jour­ney. The work has brought me to a place I had not yet reached by myself.”

A gift for your cur­rent and future self, as a woman and as a moth­er.”

One of the best tools a moth­er can have under her belt; a space to reflect, unpack, learn and grow as an indi­vid­ual and moth­er, all in a safe space. And led by a soul you’ll be so lucky to encounter. Cathryn tru­ly under­stands moth­er­hood in all it’s exhaust­ing monot­o­ny through to it’s all-encompassing joy.”

I enjoyed the struc­ture of the course; the flow, the meditation/mindfulness, jour­nalling, the size of the group (safe, reas­sur­ing space). Tru­ly felt like no judge­ment from oth­er moth­ers expe­ri­enc­ing sim­i­lar and yet dif­fer­ent jour­neys.”

I realised I could still break the chains of trau­ma that had been passed down through poten­tial­ly gen­er­a­tions and didn’t have to repeat those same expe­ri­ences with my daugh­ters. This jour­ney also helped me to for­give. For­give my moth­er, my grand­moth­er and made me realise that they were just human too, and had their own path to walk.”

It’s so great to know that there are oth­er women out there who are think­ing and feel­ing sim­i­lar things to me.”

The work­shop helped link my reac­tions to some habit­u­al judge­ments and respons­es, it gave me much need­ed clar­i­ty. I feel clos­er to my daugh­ter than I have in a real­ly long time.”

Workshops & Events


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SAVE THE DATE! RETREAT YOURSELF! We are very excit­ed to announce the SPILT MILK YOGA SPRING RETREAT — Con­nect­ing to Own Wis­dom, Joy, and Pur­pose Through Moth­er­hood. River­slea Retreat Cen­tre, Ota­ki, NZ, Nov 10–12, 2017. Cathryn Mon­ro, group leader and author of Spilt Milk Yoga, will bring you a restora­tive week­end of guid­ed self-inquiry, sup­port­ed with restora­tive yoga. A week­end to reflect and con­nect! Time for you. Focused on you. Be guid­ed skill­ful­ly through self-inquiry process­es. Eat won­der­ful nour­ish­ing food. Sleep. Awake to bird­song. Be guid­ed in mother-friendly yoga. Meet fellow-travelers. Be in a beau­ti­ful place. Con­nect to your own wis­dom, joy…

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JULY 1&2 SPILT MILK YOGA Weekend Course for Mothers (2 half-days)

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A Win­ter Week­end SPILT MILK YOGA treat for Welling­ton moth­ers. Come togeth­er with oth­er moth­ers and be guid­ed through self-inquiry and inte­gra­tive learn­ing process­es that will con­nect you to your own wis­dom, joy, and pur­pose. The work­shop runs over 2 half-days, Sat­ur­day after­noon and Sun­day morn­ing, allow­ing you time to con­nect with your fam­i­ly while you cul­ti­vate the qual­i­ties you want more of in your life as a moth­er. Par­tic­i­pants can expect to come away feel­ing empow­ered, with fresh insight into the val­ue of their lives as moth­ers.  

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UPCOMING Two 6-week Guided Self-Inquiry Courses in Mindful Mothering, starting FEB 27 and MAR 2

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UPCOMING A 5-week Guid­ed Self-Inquiry Course. Welling­ton, New Zealand. Fol­low­ing the release of “Spilt Milk Yoga” Cathryn Mon­ro is offer­ing a 5-week course in Welling­ton for moth­ers to come togeth­er in a safe envi­ron­ment and engage with the inner work of moth­er­ing. Par­tic­i­pants can expect to be guid­ed through process­es of self-reflection and con­nec­tion, and come away feel­ing empow­ered and pur­pose­ful, with fresh insight into the val­ue of their lives as moth­ers. “It’s so great to know that there are oth­er women out there who are think­ing and feel­ing sim­i­lar things to me. The work­shop helped me link my reac­tions to…

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