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Reader Review

By June 21, 2017Reviews

I am LOVING the book, tru­ly. Not quite fin­ished yet but lov­ing the short chap­ters which work per­fect­ly for the tired nights or quick cof­fee breaks. I espe­cial­ly loved the quote about your child’s behav­iour being a reflec­tion of your own behav­iour — that has stuck with me this past week as my daugh­ter has been test­ing. It’s so easy to get frus­trat­ed and so that quote helps me check in before my reaction.

I also find I strug­gle with the ques­tion­naires, but in a good way! They make me think, and it will be inter­est­ing to go back in a few months and see how they’ve changed.

I like that it is lit­tle bites of moti­va­tion and advice in one, and very reflec­tive. Most books about par­ent­ing either focus on either the ter­ri­ble parts or the rain­bows and but­ter­flies. Spilt Milk Yoga puts a pos­i­tive spin on the every­day par­ent­ing and it’s relatable!


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