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Spilt Milk Yoga Workshop Review

By September 3, 2017Reviews

One of the best tools a moth­er can have under her belt; a space to reflect, unpack, learn and grow as an indi­vid­ual and moth­er, all in a safe space. And led by a soul you’ll be so lucky to encounter. Cathryn tru­ly under­stands moth­er­hood in all it’s exhaust­ing monot­o­ny through to it’s all-encom­pass­ing joy.

I enjoyed the struc­ture of the course; the flow, the meditation/mindfulness, jour­nalling, the size of the group (safe, reas­sur­ing space). Tru­ly felt like no judge­ment from oth­er moth­ers expe­ri­enc­ing sim­i­lar and yet dif­fer­ent journeys.”


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