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Spilt Milk Yoga Workshop Review

By September 3, 2017Reviews

It has been a week since I attend­ed of the Spilt Milk Yoga Week­end Work­shop. Dur­ing the course of the week I have found myself with a smile on my face, reflect­ing on the warmth and under­stand­ing I felt dur­ing the the work­shop, and per­son­al growth and insight I per­son­al­ly gained.
Today it took an hour to walk to Kinder­garten, I could have rushed my daugh­ter, told her to hur­ry, over­looked her obser­va­tions of the flow­ers, stopped her from play­ing in the stones, hid­ing in the phone box and deterred her from climb­ing a wall… but I did­n’t. When we final­ly arrived she said ‘I love ya mum’. Today, and this week, I have been more con­scious of the voic­es in my head, and lis­ten­ing to the one that leads me down the path to being the par­ent I always visu­al­ized I would be.
In light of this extra­or­di­nary work­shop, I have been kinder to myself, calmer and more present with my chil­dren, less aware of the time and the expec­ta­tions I set for myself. I am more con­fi­dent that I am a great mum who most­ly gets it right… and when I feel I could have done bet­ter, I can now affec­tion­ate­ly refer to these chap­ters as ‘Spilt Milk Moments’.

The Spilt Milk Yoga Work­shop is the kind­est, most hon­est par­ent­ing work­shop I have ever attend­ed. It is nur­tur­ing and sup­port­ive. It is a place where I could safe­ly reflect on my best and worst par­ent­ing moments with­out judge­ment. I came away from the course feel­ing affirmed as an indi­vid­ual and empow­ered as a par­ent. It needs to be expe­ri­enced to be ful­ly appreciated.” 

Toni — moth­er of 3

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