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Anxiety, Worry, Fear and Overwhelm — Honour Your Self. Sharing Chapter 23 with you

By October 5, 2017Blog

How are you going with the school hol­i­days? Jug­gling your kids and oth­er work com­mit­ments — feel­ing guilty that you’ve farmed them out while you sol­dier on — try­ing to squeeze in the qual­i­ty moments you think you should be hav­ing but not feel­ing it?
Or per­haps you’ve nailed it, you’ve carved out this time for a road trip, craft­ing activ­i­ties, sand­cas­tles and flow, and you’re wran­gling sib­ling fights and domes­tic tasks like Nan­ny McPhee. For now.
We expect so much of our­selves, we want so much for our kids, and some­times those things mount up, and under the pres­sure we find our­selves feel­ing anx­ious, wor­ried, fear­ful and overwhelmed. 

If this is you, you might like to read Spilt Milk Yoga chap­ter 23, engage with the prac­tice of Hon­our­ing Your Self and work through the self-inquiry. 

At times I have felt total­ly over­whelmed, wor­ried, fear­ful, and anx­ious as a moth­er. And I could see that those things were in me. It was my over­whelm, my anx­i­ety, my fear and wor­ry. I was doing it to myself, pres­sur­ing myself to be or do some­thing more, to be or do some­thing oth­er than I was, feel­ing that I was not enough. At these times more than any­thing I need­ed to con­nect with my own wis­dom, joy, and pur­pose — to come to know what more what I WAS, what I AM, what I AM CREATING.

This account and quote below came from an expe­ri­ence I had of going on retreat when my chil­dren were 2 and 5…


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