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December 2018

Audio Book Christmas Gift for You

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How do you want to be in your­self this Christ­mas? What is it you want to cul­ti­vate even as you meet the chal­lenges and joys of Christ­mas and fam­i­ly? Christ­mas can be a won­der­ful or chal­leng­ing time of year, or both rolled into one. We meet our fam­i­­ly-of-ori­­gin dra­mas, hopes, expec­ta­tions, dis­ap­point­ments, our edges of lone­li­ness, con­nec­tion, our habits around mate­r­i­al wealth and spir­i­tu­al health, and our aspi­ra­tions to cul­ti­vate what it means to live peace and good­will to all on this earth. This starts of course inside us, in how we treat our­selves and our chil­dren. So we’re offering…

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SMY Guided Self-Inquiry Day Review

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The Spilt Milk Yoga work­shop was an excel­lent oppor­tu­ni­ty to put down the every­day stuff and to focus on Moth­er­hood and its chal­lenges in a space that was set aside pure­ly for those thoughts and feel­ings. The Spilt Milk Yoga day allowed me to see that despite all of the chal­lenges of main­tain­ing our­selves and main­tain­ing our ‘be a good Mum’ aspi­ra­tions, that I am doing a great job (as are the oth­er moth­ers) and that I can now tell myself that and feel it to be true. The shared chal­lenges and expe­ri­ences with the oth­er Moth­ers in the group were…

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