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Audio Book Christmas Gift for You

By December 18, 2018News

How do you want to be in your­self this Christ­mas? What is it you want to cul­ti­vate even as you meet the chal­lenges and joys of Christ­mas and family?

Christ­mas can be a won­der­ful or chal­leng­ing time of year, or both rolled into one. We meet our fam­i­ly-of-ori­gin dra­mas, hopes, expec­ta­tions, dis­ap­point­ments, our edges of lone­li­ness, con­nec­tion, our habits around mate­r­i­al wealth and spir­i­tu­al health, and our aspi­ra­tions to cul­ti­vate what it means to live peace and good­will to all on this earth. This starts of course inside us, in how we treat our­selves and our children.

So we’re offer­ing all moth­ers a Christ­mas gift to sup­port you in becom­ing more the per­son you want to be through moth­er­hood. A free audio book copy of Spilt Milk Yoga — A Guid­ed Self-Inquiry to Find­ing Your Own Wis­dom, Joy, and Pur­pose Through Moth­er­hood. Per­fect for lis­ten­ing to as you go about your Christ­mas prepa­ra­tions, as you dri­ve, shop, cook, clean, go to sleep, sit up at night, breast­feed, breathe, and all the things moth­ers do, this Christ­mas sea­son and beyond into 2019. It’s yours, to keep and draw on as you need. 

Just sub­scribe in the pop up or at the bot­tom of the page, and we’ll flick you the link. Offer open right up to Christ­mas Eve.

Mer­ry Christ­mas to you mama wher­ev­er you are, who­ev­er you are. 

Pohutukawa — the “New Zealand Christ­mas tree”


  • Marama Beamish says:

    Kia ora Cathryn! 

    Before you get a fright haha, I’m not a mama yet or even plan­ning to be in the next few years but would real­ly like to have a lis­ten and be able to rec­om­mend your book / audio book to my cousins and aun­ties and mamas I know. I have often thought about link­ing them to you and your work just havnt made the move yet! 

    Have a beau­ti­ful Christ­mas and sum­mer season. 

    Ngā mihi,

    • Kia ora Mara­ma — please do rec­om­mend! If you refer your cousins and aun­ties here to the web­site they can get a cou­ple of free sam­ple chap­ters of Spilt Milk Yoga, and there are the SMY FB page, and SMY Moth­er­hood Sup­port FB too. I post in there and there are dis­cus­sions etc. Mean­time they may enjoy the blogs too, when they hap­pen. Hope you’re well. X

  • Carrie Oelberger says:

    I met Nga today who intro­duced me to your work and I’m look­ing for­ward to the practice.

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