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Mom Deconstructed Podcast Interview

By July 5, 2019Blog, Media, News

Recent­ly I chat­ted to Liz and Kate, mak­ers of the Mom Decon­struct­ed Pod­cast series, also moth­ers and sis­ters-in-law. They are down to earth, fun­ny, hon­est and into open­ing up impor­tant con­ver­sa­tions about the real­i­ties of moth­er­hood. Kate even shares a moment and we look at it from a self-inquiry perspective.

Lis­ten here



We cov­er;

  • When do we inter­vene as par­ents vs. let­ting chil­dren be independent.
  • The strug­gle is worth it when your chil­dren are small, rather than when they’re teenagers.
  • The val­ue of being consistent-ish.
  • My wish list of what I knew at the begin­ning of my par­ent­ing journey.
  • Prac­tic­ing self-inquiry as a mother.
  • Set­ting and keep­ing our intentions.
  • The impor­tance of stop­ping and breathing.
  • Our chil­dren can be our allies.
  • Impor­tance of cre­ativ­i­ty in my life.

They even made mom quotes with images of flow­ers and tea for me…











…and while our moth­er­ing days don’t look like this in real­i­ty we get the gist — moth­er­hood is con­nec­tion, tantrums, inner storms, try­ing to stay steady, and some­times the joys of clean clothes and fresh­ly washed hair.

Lis­ten here.






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