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Spilt Milk Yoga is the book I wish I’d had when I became a moth­er.

I want the best for my chil­dren, like all moth­ers around the world. And often a lit­tle thing will get in the way of our day togeth­er being the joy­ful won­der that life is, and often that thing is in me. In reac­tion to the spilt milk of my moth­er­ing day I react; I flare up, feel hurt, angry, lone­ly, anx­ious. The spilt milk will just hap­pen, but I want to grow my con­scious response to it, and become more the per­son I want to be. That’s the yoga part, my inner work. It’s impor­tant but it’s not easy.

If you are a moth­er yearn­ing for greater free­dom to love your life while you live it, to be present to your joy and your chil­dren, then Spilt Milk Yoga is for you. If you want to con­nect to your own inner wis­dom, (which is in there, no mat­ter how far away from it you may feel) and thrive, not just sur­vive moth­er­hood, then Spilt Milk Yoga will guide you toward grow­ing your capac­i­ty for self-knowl­edge, joy and pur­pose, not in spite of moth­er­hood but because of it.

Turn Burning into Learning with Self-Inquiry

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Spilt Milk Moments — 5 Things You Can Ask Your­self to Turn Burn­ing Into Learn­ing. Spilt Milk moments are a part of moth­er­hood. Some­times they are BIG and OBVIOUS, some­times they are small, snag­ging at your aware­ness with a lit­tle gut-tug of “Oh, some­thing about that wasn’t right.” So can we do some­thing with those moments to evolve our behav­iours, to glean a sense of progress amongst the rep­e­ti­tion of chores, to choose new respons­es rather than trip our­selves up on the same old habits and humps? Here are 5 sim­ple self-inquiry ques­tions I shared in a con­tri­bu­tion arti­cle to…

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Anxiety, Worry, Fear and Overwhelm — Honour Your Self. Sharing Chapter 23 with you

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How are you going with the school hol­i­days? Jug­gling your kids and oth­er work com­mit­ments — feel­ing guilty that you’ve farmed them out while you sol­dier on — try­ing to squeeze in the qual­i­ty moments you think you should be hav­ing but not feel­ing it? Or per­haps you’ve nailed it, you’ve carved out this time for a road trip, craft­ing activ­i­ties, sand­cas­tles and flow, and you’re wran­gling sib­ling fights and domes­tic tasks like Nan­ny McPhee. For now. We expect so much of our­selves, we want so much for our kids, and some­times those things mount up, and under the pres­sure…

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What is My Task in this Mothering Moment?

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That dark shape in the mid­dle of this pic­ture is a nest. And on that nest is a moth­er black­bird. And under that moth­er black­bird was an egg that is now a baby black­bird. We have watched over the last four weeks while the nest and its inhab­i­tants have been thrashed about in the branch­es, storm-tossed by wind, drenched by rain, and pelt­ed by hail. It is amaz­ing that the nest has with­stood the ele­ments and that the egg and chick stayed on board. Through all of the tumult that wee mum has held relent­less­ly to her task. Alfred Adler…

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OWN IT — Embracing Motherhood as Path

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An arti­cle I wrote for The Yoga Lunch­box about Spilt Milk Yoga — What it is — Where you can get some more — and How moth­ers are chang­ing the world!  Moth­er­hood is a fast-track oppor­tu­ni­ty to gain­ing self-knowl­­­edge. What does self-knowl­­­edge mean? What is inner work and how do we DO it? How does one actu­al­ly self-tran­s­­­form? Moth­er­hood is like the most intense, long haul retreat you could ever go on; you meet your best and your worst behav­iours, and no mat­ter what you have to show up every day and be “Mum”, even when you don’t feel up to…

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