I am a work­ing moth­er of 3 and Cathryn’s inspi­ra­tional book res­onates with me on many lev­els. She achieves a uni­ver­sal mes­sage through the par­tic­u­lar sto­ries she tells. The inge­nious work­book form pro­vides a prac­ti­cal and clear path­way to deal with the issues moth­ers face yet Cathryn’s main con­cern is spir­it and how we can light the way for our­selves and our kids. 

Miran­da Har­court OMNZActor

A wise and insight­ful guide to embrac­ing the trans­for­ma­tive jour­ney of moth­er­hood as one of life’s most pro­found gifts. Spilt Milk Yoga is the warm com­pan­ion we need at our sides, con­nect­ing us to our own human­i­ty as we nav­i­gate the con­stant­ly shift­ing ter­rain of tears, laugh­ter and learn­ing. I wish some­one had giv­en this book to me when I was a new mom! 

Shel­ley Davi­d­owAuthor of Rais­ing Stress-Proof Kids

Cathryn Mon­ro’s pas­sion for par­ent­ing and self-enquiry is woven into this prac­ti­cal and provoca­tive tool for all moth­ers. Using recog­nis­able, embar­rass­ing and often hilar­i­ous exam­ples Spilt Milk Yoga allows us to reveal our own truths — mak­ing us more open and ready to grow at the kitchen sink and beyond. 

Kate McIn­tyre ClereDirec­tor YOGAWOMAN

Read­ing this book, I felt I was with a warm, hon­est, and down-to-earth friend, shar­ing her insight and humor into what she apt­ly calls ‘the vol­cani­cal­ly active land­scape’ of fam­i­ly life. Cathryn Mon­ro invites us to look deeply into our own expe­ri­ence and cul­ti­vate the qual­i­ties we most need as moth­ers to live our love – inner strength, flex­i­bil­i­ty, bal­ance, and most impor­tant­ly, greater self-awareness. 

Myla Kabat-ZinnCo-author of Every­day Bless­ings: The Inner Work of Mind­ful Parenting

I was hav­ing a train-wreck of a time as a moth­er, feel­ing unval­ued and unseen and bad about my own moth­er­ing, I could nev­er get it ‘right’. Spilt Milk Yoga has helped me feel I am not alone, that there is a place to air the ‘dark cor­ners’ of my expe­ri­ence, espe­cial­ly when I am strug­gling (which felt like always), and to know that I have my own wis­dom. Read­ing Spilt Milk Yoga I feel renewed deter­mi­na­tion and empow­ered to move for­ward. I am lov­ing the moth­er­hood jour­ney in a com­plete­ly new way.

Straight to the point and no-non­sense, this book is super sus­te­nance for me, it is sim­ple and it goes in — even when I’m tired and stressed. I know my chil­dren ben­e­fit dai­ly from this book as a resource for acti­vat­ing and remem­ber­ing my inner wis­dom. Read­ing Spilt Milk Yoga, I am learn­ing that though it can be chal­leng­ing and over­whelm­ing at times moth­er­hood is the best mess there is, that there are small moments of joy if I take time to see them, that my life is not on hold until they ‘grow up’ and leave, my life is now.

No oth­er book has been able to com­bine the human and the divine so apt­ly. I have read many books, web­sites, youtube chan­nels and blogs look­ing for par­ent­ing advice. They were all full of mod­els and rules. Spilt Milk Yoga is not that; it is a tool that leads me to my own wis­dom. I can dip into any page and find answers, I can dip into any chap­ter and feel seen no mat­ter how bad I am feel­ing about my moth­er­ing choic­es. Spilt Milk Yoga is rig­or­ous, car­ing, firm and direct all at once. The per­fect friend in this moth­er­ing journey. 

Nga­pa­ki MoetaraMoth­er of three under 5‑year-olds

For read­ers who enjoy under­stand­ing life’s tran­si­tions from a spir­i­tu­al angle and are inter­est­ed in a self-inves­ti­ga­tion into their moth­er­ing expe­ri­ences, this book is a must. 

Lau­rie Holl­manAuthor of Unlock­ing Parental Intelligence

… extreme­ly thought­ful and mean­ing­ful and would be a great ben­e­fit to car­ing moth­ers. Well put togeth­er and easy to fol­low. This is a book in the mak­ing that could make a real dif­fer­ence to its intend­ed audience. 

Judge’s com­ment2nd place Ash­ton Wylie Char­i­ta­ble Trust Unpub­lished Man­u­script Awards 2014