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Mother-guilt. Turning Guilt into Gold.

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Moth­­­er-Guilt. Ouch. Why does being a moth­er hurt so much some­times? What do we do with “the con­crete block of doubt” that sits in our chests? How is the guilt and pain we feel when we think we’ve let our chil­dren down, an oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­nect to our wis­dom, joy, and pur­pose? Last night I was inter­viewed live by Kate South­ward for A Yogafied Life       Mov­ing through mum guilt… Hel­lo beau­ti­ful souls! Tonight at 8:15pm I am delight­ed to be speak­ing live with the won­der­ful Cathryn Mon­ro. A Welling­ton based author and self enquiry facil­i­ta­tor — Cathryn’s book ‘Spilt…

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