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Cathryn Monro

Spilt Milk Yoga Mini Retreat

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Join with oth­er moth­ers for a Spilt Milk Yoga Mini-Retreat Day at Gold­en Yogi Stu­dio, Taka­puna, Auck­land. Treat your­self to a day enrich­ing the learn­ing and growth you are engaged in as a moth­er. Be guid­ed through active self-inquiry process­es of reflec­tion and con­nec­tion toward greater self-know­ing and appre­ci­a­tion. Share the jour­ney with oth­er moth­ers and con­nect to your wis­dom, joy, and pur­pose, which is in there, no mat­ter how far away from it you may feel. Expect to come away feel­ing empow­ered and pur­pose­ful, con­nect­ed to your­self and oth­ers, with fresh insight into the val­ue of your life as…

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Radio interview with Nigel Hopkins and 1:1 Companion Coaching Session giveaway

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Today  Nigel Hop­kins inter­viewed me a year on from the pub­li­ca­tion and release of Spilt Milk Yoga. We talked a bit about Christ­mas, and about the dif­fer­ent ways I’m offer­ing Spilt Milk Yoga out to moth­ers, work­shops, lounge talks, 1:1’s. On the sub­ject of Christ­mas I thought it’d be nice to gift a 1:1 Com­pan­ion Coach­ing Ses­sion to a mum some­where. To go in the draw to win a free Spilt milk Yoga 1:1 with Cathryn, just sub­scribe on the sub­scriber pop up, or at the bot­tom of this page, before mid­night this Fri­day Nov 10th.

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Christmas Special — 25% off 1:1 Companion Coaching

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Christ­mas Spe­cial — 25% off 1:1 Com­pan­ion Coach­ing Far from a hol­i­day, Christ­mas can be a chal­leng­ing time for moth­ers. Host­ing. Cook­ing. Bud­get­ing. Man­ag­ing blend­ed fam­i­lies, rearranged fam­i­lies, com­pli­cat­ed, tricky and lov­ing fam­i­lies. Expec­ta­tions. Dis­ap­point­ments. Fair­ness. Hurts. His­to­ries. This won­der­ful time of year can feel not-so-won­der­­ful as we bal­ance the load. How would you like to hold Christ­mas this year? How would you like to hold your wis­dom, joy, and pur­pose so that Christ­mas can be more of what you believe it could be? If you’d like some more options in your approach to Christ­mas, some per­spec­tive in amongst it…

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Did you know? You can invite me to your community…

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If you have a group of mums who would like to share an after­noon, a day, week­end, evening… an any­thing of Spilt Milk Yoga self-inquiry guid­ed by Cathryn Mon­ro, just con­tact us through the con­tact form and we’ll see what we can do. New Zealand is easy. Aus­tralia is easy too. The US, UK and Cana­da are not as easy but we can see what we can do… and if you are some­where else trop­i­cal island, Hol­land or Swe­den… just ask. You nev­er know. XX

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Wellington Afternoon Workshop Dec 3rd

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How do you deal with anx­i­ety, anger, and over­whelm as a moth­er? What if you found a way to trans­form the chal­leng­ing moments into path to find­ing your own wis­dom joy and pur­pose? GATHER YOUR MUM FRIENDS and come togeth­er for a half-day 3hr work­shop in Welling­ton in a safe envi­ron­ment to engage with the inner work of moth­er­ing. Par­tic­i­pants can expect to be guid­ed through process­es of self-reflec­­tion and con­nec­tion, and come away feel­ing empow­ered and pur­pose­ful, con­nect­ed to their own wis­dom, joy and pur­pose, with fresh insight into the val­ue of their lives as moth­ers. Decem­ber 3rd 1:30–4:30pm At…

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Mother-guilt. Turning Guilt into Gold.

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Moth­­er-Guilt. Ouch. Why does being a moth­er hurt so much some­times? What do we do with “the con­crete block of doubt” that sits in our chests? How is the guilt and pain we feel when we think we’ve let our chil­dren down, an oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­nect to our wis­dom, joy, and pur­pose? Last night I was inter­viewed live by Kate South­ward for A Yogafied Life       Mov­ing through mum guilt… Hel­lo beau­ti­ful souls! Tonight at 8:15pm I am delight­ed to be speak­ing live with the won­der­ful Cathryn Mon­ro. A Welling­ton based author and self enquiry facil­i­ta­tor — Cathryn’s book…

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Workshop: TRUE Yoga Auckland

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Stop. Breathe. Reflect. Con­nect. Why is it so hard to pri­ori­tise self-care as a moth­er? Is it because we think we don’t deserve it? Is it because we’re just too busy jug­gling the dai­ly demands of domes­tic life, work, and moth­er­hood? Per­haps think you will pri­ori­tise your inner life some­time, one-day, tomor­row, lat­er. But when is that? When the kids have grown up and left home? Real self-care is more than a man­i­cure — it’s some­thing that lasts, some­thing that sus­tains you, some­thing that gives you the gift of con­nect­ing to your­self in a way you can take your bet­ter…

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Anxiety, Worry, Fear and Overwhelm — Honour Your Self. Sharing Chapter 23 with you

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How are you going with the school hol­i­days? Jug­gling your kids and oth­er work com­mit­ments — feel­ing guilty that you’ve farmed them out while you sol­dier on — try­ing to squeeze in the qual­i­ty moments you think you should be hav­ing but not feel­ing it? Or per­haps you’ve nailed it, you’ve carved out this time for a road trip, craft­ing activ­i­ties, sand­cas­tles and flow, and you’re wran­gling sib­ling fights and domes­tic tasks like Nan­ny McPhee. For now. We expect so much of our­selves, we want so much for our kids, and some­times those things mount up, and under the pres­sure…

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Spring Retreat 2 for 1 offer!!

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 2 for 1 deal; get togeth­er with a friend and come for only $397 each.   To find out more about this beau­ti­ful week­end of deep, restora­tive work and nur­tur­ing for moth­ers go to the retreat page. Novem­ber 10–12 from Fri­day 4pm – Sun­day 12pm. And here’s a pho­to of some beau­ti­ful Ota­ki spring clema­tis for you. xxx        

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What is My Task in this Mothering Moment?

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That dark shape in the mid­dle of this pic­ture is a nest. And on that nest is a moth­er black­bird. And under that moth­er black­bird was an egg that is now a baby black­bird. We have watched over the last four weeks while the nest and its inhab­i­tants have been thrashed about in the branch­es, storm-tossed by wind, drenched by rain, and pelt­ed by hail. It is amaz­ing that the nest has with­stood the ele­ments and that the egg and chick stayed on board. Through all of the tumult that wee mum has held relent­less­ly to her task. Alfred Adler…

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